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lakeFS - Data version control for your data lake | Git for data



Name | Type | Description | Notes ———— | ————- | ————- | ————- from_source_uri | str | The source location of the ingested files. Must match the lakeFS installation blockstore type. | after | str | Only objects after this key would be ingested. | prepend | str | A prefix to prepend to ingested objects. | continuation_token | str | Opaque. Client should pass the continuation_token received from server to continue creation ranges from the same key. | [optional] staging_token | str | Opaque. Client should pass staging_token if received from server on previous request | [optional] any string name | bool, date, datetime, dict, float, int, list, str, none_type | any string name can be used but the value must be the correct type | [optional]

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