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Name | Type | Description | Notes ———— | ————- | ————- | ————- path | str | | path_type | str | | physical_address | str | The location of the object on the underlying object store. Formatted as a native URI with the object store type as scheme (\"s3://…\", \"gs://…\", etc.) Or, in the case of presign=true, will be an HTTP URL to be consumed via regular HTTP GET | checksum | str | | mtime | int | Unix Epoch in seconds | physical_address_expiry | int | If present and nonzero, physical_address is a pre-signed URL and will expire at this Unix Epoch time. This will be shorter than the pre-signed URL lifetime if an authentication token is about to expire. This field is optional. | [optional] size_bytes | int | | [optional] metadata | ObjectUserMetadata | | [optional] content_type | str | Object media type | [optional] any string name | bool, date, datetime, dict, float, int, list, str, none_type | any string name can be used but the value must be the correct type | [optional]

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