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lakeFS - Data version control for your data lake | Git for data



Name | Type | Description | Notes ———— | ————- | ————- | ————- login_url | str | primary URL to use for login. | login_cookie_names | [str] | cookie names used to store JWT | logout_url | str | URL to use for logging out. | rbac | str | RBAC will remain enabled on GUI if \"external\". That only works with an external auth service. | [optional] login_failed_message | str | message to display to users who fail to login; a full sentence that is rendered in HTML and may contain a link to a secondary login method | [optional] fallback_login_url | str | secondary URL to offer users to use for login. | [optional] fallback_login_label | str | label to place on fallback_login_url. | [optional] any string name | bool, date, datetime, dict, float, int, list, str, none_type | any string name can be used but the value must be the correct type | [optional]

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